Veggie Wash

Veggie Wash

Veggie Wash

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Protect your loved ones & Family from Infections🤢


As posted on Government of India's official Instagram Handle!

Rover Veggie Wash is made from 50 ppm Chlorine Component!

Lockdown has been lifted off but virus is STILL ALIVE and can be present on your vegetables coming from outside touched by thousands of people

Vegetables coming to your home may LOOK CLEAN but they are NOT !

The Indian Vegetable market has a sad truth behind it👇🏻

The same food you consume daily can also be a CARRIER for virus & infections into your home if not sanitised properly

Rover Veggie Pro Sanitiser cleans out all the Virus,Chemicals,Bacteria etc that can be bad for your health & immune system!

Precaution is better than cure - The quote that will save lives in this hard time!


Just dissolve half a tab in 7 litres of water and put your veggies in the container for 5 minutes

Wash with Tap after 5 mins



Just add a glass of 250ml water to your chicken in a plate and keep for 2-3 mins.

Rinse with tap water after




      • Vegetables in your kitchen have been touched by hundreds of different hands before reaching to you which increases the chances of virus spreading bacteria being attached to it.
      • Washing them with water doesn't kill the germs ! What to do? Use our Veggie Wash Tab.
      • One bottle contains 50 tablets which can be used for 100 washes
      • Veggie Sanitiser can be also used to disinfect Raw meat(chicken, mutton etc).
      • Used by Top 5 Star Hotels for Food disinfection.


  • Rover Veggie Pro wash is made from a Special and totally safe chloride component which is used to free Drinking Water from bacteria, germs & virus.
  • Rover Veggie Wash are used by all 5-Star Restaurants,Hotels all over the world and in india to disinfectant food as well as drinking water.
  • Completely safe for washing fruits, vegetables and even disinfectant drinking water with FDA Approved certificates.
  • #1 Most Trusted Brand of India for Food & Water safety.

      Disinfectant Spray

        • 350ml of Pure High Efficiency Disinfectant Spray
        • Virus present in the air can stick to your wallet, watch,Mobile phone etc. 
        • Disinfecting your belongings when you come from outside is crucial to be safe.
        • Spray our Instant Disinfectant Spray which kills Virus causing bacteria in seconds.


            • Kills 99.9% of fungi, viruses, and bacteria
            • Kills cold & flu viruses*
            • Disinfects hundreds of surfaces in your home
            • Sanitizes soft surfaces*
            • Prevents mold and mildew from growing for up to a week*

             FACE MASK

              • 3D mesh structure blocks particles of dust, dirt, plant pollen, other allergens and disease causing airborne particles
              • The highly elastic material and special design ensure no gaps between mask and wearer's face
              • The elastic ear-loop provides comfortable wear even for long hours
              • A-mask protects your skin from UV
              • It's made of power puff fabric not to smear makeup
              • A-mask retains its function for 5 to 8 times wash
              • Respiratory Protection against pollution and allergens such as pollen

            HAND SANITISER

              • Our Sanitiser contains 70% Alcohol Content which is recommended by the WHO.
              • Advanced Sanitiser with moisturiser to clean all the virus bacteria off your hand and also enrich your skin while moisturising it.
              • Aloe vera gel based content.


          WHY SHOULD YOU USE OUR  Rover™ -Corona Home Protection Kit?

          • WHO suggests to sanitise your surroundings, cover yourself as well as Disinfectant your food before eating it.
          • Our Home protection kit is a ALL-IN-ONE Prevention box for Pandemic.
          • Vegetables are touched by hundreds of hands before getting to your house.This increases a risk of you getting infected by virus and Bacteria.Use Rover Veggie was tablets to clean your vegetables before use to kill majority of the Bacteria.
          • Small things like your Wallet,Watch,Shoes,coins and your Phone carry a greater risk of carrying the virus from outside to your home. Make sure you sanitise your belongings with our Rover Instant Disinfectant Spray to avoid spreading of bacteria and virus.KILL IT BEFORE IT SPREADS!

          WHAT'S IN THE BOX? (Full Kit only)

          1 X Veggie Pro Wash (50 Tablets)-(100 washes)

          1 x 100ml Hand Sanitiser with Moisture

          4 x Pair of Hand Gloves (Reusable and Washable)

          4 x Face Mask (Washable)

          1 x 350ml Disinfectant spray

          1 X Faceshield 


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